Sunday, January 2, 2011

Digital Portfolio

Assignment 12 is now nearly due.  The details are found there so there is no need to rewrite any of them here and so long as you've been saving the photos that you've taken you will likely need to do very little.  For those of you that have the time and/or the interest you can create a signature for your portfolio.  Whether it be a stylized interpretation of your name or a logo type design it is purely up to you.  Many logo's include very little or no text but they convey a particular image or emotion.  The short movie "Logorama" used these popular logos as the entire basis for its movie.  As seen in the following images from the movie.

The design itself is worth a bonus 5% so it is well worth the effort but if you are too far behind then maybe just complete the Portfolio!

Here are a few example signature/logos.