Monday, November 29, 2010

Scanner Darkly Tutorial

Here is where you will find the actual tutorial.  Make sure you've completed the illustrator tutorials and the photo into a cartoon tutorial first!

Scanner Darkly Tutorial

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do this before the Scanner Darkly Photo

Before you begin the Scanner Darkly assignment you need to make sure you have a great picture.  For this assignment you will need to choose a photo that has one person in it and has a fairly simple background.  You will only need from approximately the shoulders up.  If you have more than that we can crop it out later.

Once you've found the picture we are going to quickly convert it to a cartoon just to see what it might look like as a scanner darkly.  It will also give you a good example of skin tone combinations etc.  The tutorial can be downloaded here.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Illustrator Introduction

As an introduction to our work in Illustrator we will be completing several quick tutorials to become familiar with Illustrator.  Before you begin, you will need to complete a quick sketch on a blank piece of white paper.  We will scan this piece in and use it in the tutorials.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November Photo of the Month - Black & White

For November we will take our cue from where their photo of the month contest is based around the theme of Black & White.  Check out their website for some great ideas.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Can I be a photographer when I grow up?

Of course you can...  Look at your blog and then look at a few of these "professionals"!  They are actually just random blogs that I found and.. there is no guarantee that they have any more photographic skills than you.

Just check them out to see what opportunities in photographics are available to you as a career.  If you look closely enough you can even find out how much they charge$$$ - Locally famous Saskatoon photographer. - Saskatoon photographer who will take your wedding pictures for FREE... if you take him and his wife with you to some all inclusive resort in Mexico or some other location!!  Oh and one small detail... you have to pay for both their tickets.  It does pay to be a photographer, even if you aren't getting paid. - another Saskatoon photographer. - photographer from Calgary who specializes in wedding photography. - wedding photographer from Michigan

Assignment 14: Blog Banner

Come up with an idea/theme for the banner.  Remember, it doesn’t necessarily need to include random school pictures.  You could create a customized banner based on a schoold theme.  Ex.  WaterCan, Social Justice, Kip Keino, etc.  Or maybe on the months major event, Ex. June represents Track&Field, Summer, etc.  However, pictures are usually a great idea.  If you need school photos come see me and I can give you a folder filled with various photos.  And who knows, if you do a great job, maybe your work will be chosen to represent our school!

*Assignment Details 
Open Photoshop.  Click on File -> New and create a new document with the following dimensions: 896 pixels (width) by 320 pixels (height).  It is very important that your final project be in these dimensions.

Tutorials that may help you with blending photos and/or creating a collage. - uses layer masks... better results than using the eraser.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Assignment 13 Presentation Dates

Week of the 25th-29th - Jen, Rafael, Cuong

Week of the 1st-5th - Dallas, Julia
Week of the 8th - 10th (very short week!) - Morgan
Week of the 15th to the 19th -Levi, Soribel
Week of the 22nd to the 26th - Allison, Kayla
Week of the 29th to the 3rd - Mica, Alyssa

Week of the 6th to the 10th - Riley, Mikayla, Alexa
Week of the 13th to the 17th - Megan, Evhan, Daena

Week of the 3rd - 7th - Courtney, Brook, Walsh

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monthly Photo Assignment

Now that you have had a chance to take photos in all different lights, from different angles, and with different camera's we are going to begin our monthly photo assignment.

These photo's are to be taken outside of class time...  Homework!  Take lots of photos and bring your best one and post it on your blog.  Title it, "Photo of the Month - October".  
Each month will have it's own theme... for example, "Duets" - check the link out for examples of duets.

October - Halloween

Assignment 13: Lucky 13

Search the web for some amazing Photoshop tutorials.  Try a few out and expand your horizons.  After you've tried a few, choose one that you would like to share with the class.
Using that project, create a tutorial of your own making.  The idea being that you will use screen captures(see below) and easy to follow instructions to recreate the tutorial that you found online.  Of course, you will improve the areas of the tutorial that you had difficulty with.  We are also looking for something that can be completed in less than one class.  No 5 hour marathon Photoshop sessions. is a great place to start... as is YouTube.  Too bad it's blocked!

Screen Capture - click on the start button -> in the search box type "snipping tool"    -> use the snipping tool to take screen captures!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Assignment 12: Digital Portfolio

You will be creating a finished project that showcases your best work.  The portfolio itself will generally be a collection of photos that you have taken throughout the semester that have not been digitally altered (ie. Photoshop). 
  1. Use Microsoft Word as a working document until you are ready to publish.
  2. Final Portfolio is to be published as a PDF (use Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 – found under the start menu -> adobe design cs4)
  3. Title Page (with your name, can be created in Photoshop)
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Found Alphabet assignment
  6. You must include a minimum of 3 of the following assignments.
a.       Portrait (1) - Make a formal, informal or environmental portrait. Hint – concentrate on showing your subjects personality. A snapshot of someone cooking a meal, for example, will not do
b.      Architecture (1) is the composition, style, and design of buildings and their parts. We are often unaware of architecture and its subliminal effects upon us. Typically, architectural photography represents a building in its most aesthetically pleasing view(s). The look, perception and mood of each part of the building will change as the light changes. You, the photographer, select angles, details and whether to include people to enhance the representation of the building – to make the final photograph it as appealing as possible.
c.       Landscape or Cityscape Assignment (1) Landscape and cityscape photographs are among the most common forms of photography. They are used in textbooks, magazines, vacation pictures and exhibits. During World War II the Allies used amateur landscape photographs and old postcards to plan raids and invasions.
Landscapes have no, or very few, human created objects in them, while cityscapes have little evidence of the natural world. Occasionally, landscapes will include a smaller object, such as of a weathered tree, with the major subject (park, wheat field, lake) behind it. The tree helps frame or add scale and is important in the context of the photograph. Make one print of a spectacular landscape or breathtaking cityscape.
d.      Motion (1) Create an image where motion is an integral part of the image. This could be a very long exposure to blur an image, like a blurred out car moving down the road.
e.      Nature photography (1) encompasses a wide variety of subjects – animal and plant -- such as the following, but you are not limited to them.  Photograph one of nature’s wonders in a seldom seen way.  No flowers just popping out of the ground.
f.        Self Portrait (1) Take an unusual or abstract picture of yourself. Do not just photograph yourself in a mirror
g.       Picture of your choice (1) any photo that you have taken in this class that doesn’t really fit with the options above.
7.       Your favourite completed Photoshop assignment.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Assignment 11: Found Alphabet.

We often look for interesting ideas and locations that have the potential for making good photographs.
Sometimes we see something that looks like something else, such as a cloud that looks like a deer, truck, or a person.  Turn your skills of perception toward finding and photographing things that look like letters of the alphabet.
For this assignment, we will produce all 26 letters of the alphabet, using objects that you find.

You are not to stage your photos.  Each letter needs to be a photo of the item in its natural state.  The challenge of course is not just to find a chair that looks like a letter but a photo that has visual interest and looks like a letter.  Asides from the pictures below check out the following 22 most creative alphabets!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photo Olympics

This is not an assignment that you post on your blog!!  It was just to get out and take some interesting pictures.
Photo Olympics

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Google Translate

For all of you multilingual student's out there Viktoriya has shared with me a website that I will now share with you... google translate   For any of those pesky English tutorials that you can't quite follow you can now copy and paste them into your own native language.  Very helpful, thanks Viktoriya!

Mr.Godoy also showed me another site... Microsoft Translator   You can just type the web address (URL) of the website you want translated and then they will both appear...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Assignment 2: Avatar

Assignment 2???  Where did assignment 1 go you might be asking.  Whenever you post something new to your blog it pushes the older posts down the page.  So assignment 1 is found below this one.  Go see for yourself!

No really.... go and do that...

Assignment 2
Now that you have a blog we need a face to go with that page.  Go to and create your own avatar.  Once you have one, add it to your blog and even use it as your profile pic if you'd like.

Can't you see the resemblence?

Assignment 1: Create a Blog

Welcome Back!

Create your own blog on  This is where we will start and end the class.  All finished assignments will be posted to your own blog.

mmmm.... I love Taco Bell!!!