Monday, November 1, 2010

Can I be a photographer when I grow up?

Of course you can...  Look at your blog and then look at a few of these "professionals"!  They are actually just random blogs that I found and.. there is no guarantee that they have any more photographic skills than you.

Just check them out to see what opportunities in photographics are available to you as a career.  If you look closely enough you can even find out how much they charge$$$ - Locally famous Saskatoon photographer. - Saskatoon photographer who will take your wedding pictures for FREE... if you take him and his wife with you to some all inclusive resort in Mexico or some other location!!  Oh and one small detail... you have to pay for both their tickets.  It does pay to be a photographer, even if you aren't getting paid. - another Saskatoon photographer. - photographer from Calgary who specializes in wedding photography. - wedding photographer from Michigan